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Two concerts on one day

The 15th edition of the Liberation concert takes place on Sunday September 20.

The unique concert by the Philharmonie Zuidnederland on the American War Cemetery in Margraten is a musical tribute and a lasting memory to the American soldiers who gave their lives during the liberation of Europe during World War II.


The Covid19 crisis left the organisation in uncertainty for a long time whether the concert could take place. The recent downsizing of the governmental measures enables the concert to take place under strict precautionary conditions. Unless the situation deteriorates between now and September and government revokes the easing of the measures. Major Akkermans, board member of the foundation Eerbetoon Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial, explains.

“Together with the ABMC, the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten and the foundation we followed the news regarding Covid19 the last couple of months closely. We assessed the situation several times and adjusted our plans. The recent easing enabled us, keeping in mind the 1,5 meter social distancing and the distance to which the quality of the music is acceptable, to welcome 700 attendees. This number made us decide to organise not one, but two concerts on the same day. In this way 1400 people are able to enjoy the beautiful sound of the Philharmoniezuidnederland.”


The theme of the 15th Liberation Concert is ‘Struggle’. With profound, heroic, still and stirring music, the 15th Liberation Concert highlights all aspects of the struggle for life and death. The South Netherlands Philharmonic will perform this year’s Liberation concert, conducted by Arjan Tien and with soloist Lei Wang. The following pieces will be performed: Adagio ma non Troppo uit Kwartet nr 14 by Ludwig van Beethoven, The Unanswered Question by Ives, The Lark Ascending  by Vaughan Williams en Symfonie nr 44 ‘Trauer’ by Joseph Haydn.


The first concert will start at 12.00h and the second at 15.00h. Because of Covid19 measures seat reservations are obligatory. Besides this, certain other precautions affecting your visit to the concert will be taken. During the concert the War cemetery is open for regular visits. Registrations open on the 20th of August via the website of the foundation, On the website all other news and info regarding the concert can be found.


This year we are collaborating with Vista College. Students from the Safety and the Photography & Audiovisual Production studies will be at work during the concert. In addition, the project “Known, but to God” will be carried out. For this project, 215 T-shirts with photos of the graves of 215 fallen American soldiers from World War II were made. Photos of students wearing this special T-shirt will be on display. Besides that, the education department of Philharmoniezuidnederland organises together with several high schools in the region the project: “de monoloog van de vrijheid (monologue of freedom)”. This project

contains of a short performance by an actress, a violist and altviolist together with High school in which their personal message of freedom will be expressed.