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New Boardmembers – Liberation Concert

By August 24, 2023No Comments

The foundation “Eerbetoon Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial organizes since 2006 the annual Liberation Concert on the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten. This concert commemorates the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in the Second World War for the liberation of the Netherlands, and to celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands in September 1944, which started in the south of Limburg.

New chairman

The last two editions of the concert were organized under the chair of Leo Urlings. In June of this year former governor of Limburg Theo Bovens took over the role as chairman of the board.

“The concert is a powerful way to honor our fallen liberators. As chairman I hope to contribute to the success of the concert and I am looking forward working together with the ABMC and all other partners who are part of this musical tribute.”

Besides being the new chairman, the former governor is also an adopter of the grave of Lieutenant Marx Larkin, patron of the adoptee committee and chairman of the Black Liberators foundation.

Raymond Knops

Besides having a new chairman, former minister Raymond Knops has also joined the board.

“I have a warm heart for the military cemetery in Margraten and have been active in the Limburg wind music world for decades. If I can contribute to the continuity of the foundation in this way, I am happy to do so. Certainly, also because commemorating events in which ordinary people have done special things for our freedom is very important, now and also for the future.”

Knops visited the cemetery for the first time in 1991 as a cadet of the Royal Military Academy. The image of the thousands of white tombstones made an indelible impression on him at the time. Knops is also an adopter of a grave.

“The grave of Harold J. Ball symbolizes to me all those young people from afar who fought for our freedom. For example, every tombstone and every name on the wall of the missing has a unique story to tell. Stories to pass on. That is what the Tribute Foundation is committed to.

Board complete

Finally, the foundation can also rely on a new treasurer. Raymond Jaeqx takes the place of Patrick Spits. As the owner of an accountants and tax consultancy firm, he brings the necessary financial knowledge with him.

“My parents adopted a grave at the cemetery for a very long time. I grew up with it as a boy from the neighborhood. How wonderful it is then to contribute to this special concert with my expertise.”

The new board of the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial Foundation now consists of Theo Bovens (chairman), Joyce Reijnders (secretary), Raymond Jaeqx (treasurer) and board members Frans Groutars, Leo Urlings and Raymond Knops.

Liberation Concert 2023

The next Liberation Concert is scheduled for Sunday 17 September (3 p.m.) in which the Royal Military Band ‘Johan Willem Friso’ will play a modern-classical program together with baritone Nico Wouterse and singer Emma Kok. For tickets and more information see: